Is Your Life Plan Not Working Out The Way That You Thought It Would?

Are you feeling blocked in your life?  Not sure what is the best way forward?

Do you want to make a significant change but are hesitating because of concerns around money, direction, family or even your own fears?

Dagmar can look at the issues that have been preventing you from moving forward.  Invariably during sessions, we find out that the “thing” is not actually the thing that we think it is.  By delving deeper, Dagmar can help you find solutions and get your life moving in the direction that you would like it to.  Remember though, that you still need to take action.

Dagmar’s approach is both practical and spiritual.  She gives you answers by incorporating her qualifications as a hypnotherapist, past life regression practitioner, Reiki Master and Holistic Counsellor as well as any messages from your guides or spirit people.

All sessions are available via phone or Skype and go for between 45 to 60 minutes.  These can be purchased in blocks of 4 or 8.

4 sessions USD$997.00

8 sessions USD $1997.00

One off sessions can also be purchased at USD $297.00


Transformational Coaching 8 Sessions



Transformational Coaching 4 Sessions


Transformational Coaching 1 Single Session