Recommended Reading

Whether you are interested in mediumship, psychic abilities or past lives, I have listed here a few good books to get you started:

Opening To The Other Side – Craig Hamilton-Parker

So You Want To Be A Medium? – Rose Vanden Eynden

Power Of The Soul – John Holland

The Spirit Whisperer – John Holland

(see also John’s website:

Life Among The Dead – Lisa Williams

(see also Lisa’s website:

Unfinished Business – James Van Praagh

Growing Up in Heaven – James Van Praagh

(see also James’s website:

Crossing Over – John Edward

After Life – John Edward

(see also John’s website:

Walking With Angels – Tony Stockwell

Embracing Eternity – Tony Stockwell

(see also Tony’s website:

Life Before Death – Colin Fry

(see also Colin’s website:

The Unbelievable Truth – Gordon Smith

The Amazing Power of Animals – Gordon Smith

(see also Gordon’s website:

Contacting The Spirit World – Linda Williamson

Healing With The Angels – Doreen Virtue

Saved by an Angel – Doreen Virtue

The Miracles of Archangel Michael – Doreen Virtue

Journey Of Souls – Michael Newton

Destiny Of Souls – Michael Newton

(see also The Newton Institute for more information about past lives:

Induced After Death Communication – Allan L. Botkin, Psy. D.

Life Before Life – Dr. Jim B Tucker