A mediumship reading is one where a connection is made to the Spirit world to give evidence and messages from loved ones that have passed.

The medium should be bringing through evidence about the person.  Things like how they passed, what age they passed, a little bit about their character, a description of what they were like (tall, short, cuddly, what colour hair etc), essentially anything that would let you know that this is your loved one and not one of the other millions of Spirit people up there.

When doing a mediumship reading, a link is made directly with the Spirit world and there are no tools needed like photographs or items of jewellery.

When coming for a reading, it helps if you know something about your relatives over the other side.  It makes it very difficult if you say, “I want a message from the other side”, but you don’t have any information about them, and yes, that does happen.  There is bound to be information that you are not sure at the time, or you may not remember, but you can take the information away and get it validated afterwards.

It is important to remember that as a medium, we can’t control who comes through. The Spirit world is in charge of that.  If you only want to hear from one person and aren’t open, then you are actually blocking the energy.  If, for example, your mum comes through because she wants to tell you she’s sorry for her bad behaviour when she was here, and you don’t listen to that because you only want your daughter to come through, you are creating a block.  So, keep yourself open for whomever needs to come.

Also, our loved ones in the Spirit world will not tell us what to do or make decisions for us. The reason they come through is to show us that they are still around, to give us reassurance that they are ok and help with any healing that needs to take place.


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30 Minute Mediumship Phone or Skype Reading Australia

45 Minute Mediumship Phone or Skype Reading Australia