Meditation CDs

Heavenly Vibrations 1

Meditation CD 1 front and back promo Feb 15Foreword
Clearing the Clutter (22:00)
This meditation gives us the opportunity to clear away what we no longer want, both physically and mentally.

Meditation for Healing (17:35)
This beautiful meditation takes you to talk to one of your angels, guides or a loved one in the Spirit world to unburden your worries and take them away.

Quick Stress Release (9:57)
This is a short meditation that is ideal for those times when you want to release your stress, but don’t have a lot of time.



Heavenly Vibrations II

Meditation CD 2 front and back promo Feb 15Foreword
Meet your guides (15:52)
This gentle meditation takes you to a place where you get to connect to your guide in the Spirit world.

Realising your dreams (20:40)
Create your future life.  This meditation is a beautiful way of connecting with what we want out of life.  You know that if you can create it here, you can create it in the real world too.

Making Amends (19:35)
Have you ever felt like there are things you want to say to your loved ones, but they are no longer there and you feel like you’ve lost that opportunity?  Well here is a lovely way of reconnecting and making amends.



These can also be purchased as digital versions so that you can listen to them on your phone or other digital device. Contact me for prices and payment options.



Hello Dagmar my friend. Just wanted to say that I have finally been able to do one of the meditations from your wonderful CDs. I did the “Meet you Guide(s)” meditation. It was VERY good. As someone that struggles with conventional meditation methods, I was able to follow yours and connected easily with it. Thank you so very much. X

Geoff, Bendigo