About Dagmar

Dagmar Bryant provides Psychic and Mediumship Readings from her home in La Habra, a suburb south east of Los Angeles, and attends festivals and expos throughout California, the USA and overseas.

She has studied for many years, either sitting in circle and going to development classes and in England at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK with Tony Stockwell and Simone Key.

She is primarily Clairaudient and Clairsentient, hearing and feeling the messages from Spirit as they come to her.

“When doing a reading, I want to provide my clients with information on the possibilities that are out there for them.  I believe that a reading gives us a snap shot in time.  A reading can be a future indication of what is going to happen, or give us confirmation of what we already know.  Even though a reading gives us guidance, we always have free will, free choice, to make the right decisions for ourselves.”




When coming for a reading, it is very important to come with an open mind and without expectations.  The more open you are, the easier it is for a connection to be made to Spirit. 

For tips on how to get a better reading, please read my blog on 7 Meaningful Ways to Ask a Psychic Questions and Get Better Results http://www.dagmarbryantpsychicmedium.com/7-meaningful-ways-to-ask-a-psychic-questions-and-get-better-results/

Readings in person, can be conducted for 30 mins, 45mins or 1 hour.  Phone readings and skype readings are conducted for 30 mins or 45 mins.  Please see services pages for more details

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Thanks for the wonderful reading at the LA Conscious Life Expo!!! It was a quite emotional reading for me and I thank you for allowing me space to transform some heavy emotions.  I appreciate the clarity you provided on my next step in this journey I am on as well!!”

Wayne from LA

Thank you for the wonderful reading.  I came in not knowing what to expect and I am just in awe and overwhelmed (in a good way) at the same time. I thank you for sharing your gift. We need you like we need doctors, teachers, lawyers and policemen… There were so many points that now makes sense and the validations were just vital. I know I have more to ask so I am hoping

I could do another reading. ….. I know you’re really genuine so I can feel more comfortable about asking questions….. Dagmar you are amazing…

Nerissa from Philippines

“I’d just like to say that everything that was spoken about during my reading and the grandmother I didn’t know about everything has been validated.

You’re actually amazing I can’t believe how good you are at what you do.

Thank you so much again for my reading you don’t know how much I appreciated it I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

I can’t wait to get another one from you in the near future and I have been recommending you to everyone.”

Emily from Melbourne

I have recently been to see Dagmar for my first real reading. I was unsure of what to expect but I felt safe and welcome and ‘warm’ the whole time. I was amazed at the level of detail that would only matter to me. I was amazed at the questions I had answered that I hadn’t even asked and I am so very grateful for the clarity and sense of closure I left with.
Also happy to be able to purchase a copy of the recorded session! As there are so many ‘ah huh’ moments to remember precisely. Thank-you Dagmar!

Emma from Melbourne

After years of readings from many different mediums – Dagmar finally connected and brought thru my mum. Very appreciative of her skill set.

Mandi from Melbourne

I learned about Glenn and Dagmar Bryant just a short time ago.  In that time I have had a short 15 minute reading with Glenn and attended a Mediumship demonstration by them both. Dagmar, your faith, belief and gentle sensitivity are true gifts.  You brought my grandma through, I was so delighted and her loving words of encouragement brought tears. You also brought my mum through during a reading for someone else and again my heart sang.  Glenn, your faith, your warmth and gentle mischievousness attracts humour and lightness, and yet again my mum made her presence known in her own cheeky way.  You have brought not only comfort but also learning for my own journey.  For this and more, I am truly thankful.

Bernie from Melbourne

Hi Dagmar,

I had the pleasure of having a reading with you at the Brisbane Mind Body and Spirit Festival recently. I want to thank you because the reading highlighted that I needed to take urgent action for a health issue instead of burying my head in the sand so to speak. I did and it saved my life.

Thank you

Jane from Brisbane

Thank you Dagmar for my fantastic reading this morning. Should have have warned you re the numbers up there lol however I received the clarification and messages from the ones I needed to which was very special for me, especially for this day. Hugs to you Thankyou xx

Lesley from Melbourne

My name is Monique, I work as a yoga teacher and holistic therapist.

I came to see Dagmar from Geelong which was nearly a two hour drive but a drive well worth evey minute.

At the beginning of the reading i gave her only a few details that were i wanted to find out about my career and love.  The details she gave me, were astonishing and so precise it was mind blowing even to me who works in the field of healing!

I have seen many, many, many, mediums in my time, and only few have given me some acuurate information but also alot of inaccurate information.   Dagmar is undoubtly the real thing who does not give you any inaccurate information, her times, locations, & details are so fine that she is next to none in her field.

If you are thinking about seeing her than do it as you will not be disappointed but clarified and confident.

Monique from Geelong


I was skeptical about going to a psychic but Dagmar made me feel completely at ease. She helped me to get clarity around a difficult situation in my life.  I would highly recommend her.

Tom from Blackburn

Thank you so much for your readings at 2 festivals and one phone consultation. It helped me a great deal!

Arianna from South Australia

Hi Dagma, I feel that you have a real gift and a rare natural ability to see into the future and what will be. You are fast and accurate and to the point and don’t waffle on. I will be in touch again. Regards Cheryl

Cheryl from QLD

As a researcher studying the continuity of consciousness in the United States, I asked Dagmar Guntermann (now Bryant) if she would be willing to participate as a research medium. The research conditions were such that the medium would not see or hear the voice of the sitters (those receiving the information). These are stringent parameters that many mediums would not be willing to work under. Dagmar gave two readings to two different sitters under these difficult conditions. She had an extremely high degree of accuracy for both readings and offered excellent evidential information with integrity, honesty, and compassion. I have worked with Dagmar in other circumstances and know her to be a medium of high moral and ethical standards who brings through messages with sincerity and sensitivity. She understands the potential for healing when one receives messages from loved ones who have passed, and she strives to meet those needs. I highly recommend Dagmar as an excellent medium and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about her. Gay Lemons, Ph.D. e-mail: gay_lemons@uml.edu

Gay Lemons USA

Mob: (562) 242 8401

Email: info@dagmarbryantpsychicmedium.com